Also sometimes there were mosquitoes. Nan:Well, you probably do donate to the zoo in that case, yes. Out of this emerges two erect points that are the petals, surrounded by a fan of sepals (the petals’ protector), making the flower look like a bird’s spectacular plumage. Americans tend not to be terribly fond of George III, as he was the monarch in charge of England when we revolted; I couldn't really get a sense from reading around whether he's really all that terrible. Synonyms Strelitzia alba subsp. I also worked some times for a french (South of France) nursery specialized in South African plants, they are growing them under the growing-table, not too dark, but not a lot of sun light (when they are 1 or 2 feet tall). Previous Names: Strelitzia augusta, Strelitzia quensonii. discussed in this blog are those of its author, and are not necessarily endorsed by his former employer, nor were they ever necessarily endorsed by his former employer before she was former. If the pot is big enough It can grow to 2 m / 6.6 ft tall, with large, tough banana like leaves 25–70cm / 9.8–28in long. Do I give it to the ZOo & get another one?Nan. These banana-like plants with true stems may be low growing or tree-like. I'd wait until the end of the summer before getting rid of it, though. Also dust and wash the leaves regularly with a soft cloth. Â. It’s not hard for flowering plants to stick out in winter, but nothing stands out quite like the bird of paradise plant. 3. Some species, such as Strelitzia reginae, has been used in traditional medicine to treat diseases caused by bacterial pathogens. Because it doesn't. 34. Might want to call the zoo and make sure they'd be interested before you plan on donating, too, as far as that goes. There are three types of this South African native grown in Australia, and what makes them different are the shapes of their leaves. Family: Strelitziaceae (Strelitzia or Crane flower family). As British monarchs go, he seems to be mostly notable for being a faithful husband (no, seriously!) So why? The distinctive bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae or Strelizia nicolai) is one of the best known of all the tropical flowers and is a cousin to the banana.Surprisingly, the bird of paradise is easier to grow than many tropical plants and makes for a vigorous, rapidly growing indoor plant. The plant's not going to get smaller, and you can't cut the plant back in a way that will make it return as a smaller plant -- cut off the growing tip and you'll just kill the plant; cut off the tallest leaves and it'll just grow more. The stunning colour and shape of this plant make it a winter garden must-have. You’ll need a large pot, at least 400mm wide, because it has a large root system. The flower structure is one of the most unusual in the plant kingdom. So Nicholas I of Russia married Charlotte of Prussia, who subsequently, for reasons I didn't care to investigate, changed her name to Alexandra. APPEARANCE: Super sized clumping plant with large fronds and deep purple flowers featuring white centres. Strelitzia nicolai - giant bird of paradise. The thoughts, opinions, life choices, etc. )2 Being Queen of England is a good way to get stuff named after you, though not as good as being King: Charlotte, North Carolina, was named for her, as were two counties in Virginia and one in North Carolina (Charlotte, Mecklenberg, and Mecklenberg, respectively); Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada; Queensbury, New York; the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada; and so on. and for going crazy near the end of his reign (due to porphyria). This is the best known and most popular Strelitzia in cultivation. Strelitzia reginae has leaves that look like boat paddles, S. nicolai has leaves like a banana tree, while the leaves of S. juncea are curled around the stem so they look like skinny sticks. Strelitzia nicolai, the treelike Natal wild banana, grows along SA’s east coast and up into Mozambique. Love your BIG EYES on the much for paying attention to your plant of choice here...a beautiful one at that!!! It doesn’t like frost or strong winds, but otherwise is very hardy. S. reginae is very well known, and arguably the most common species (picture above).

Diese südafrikanische Art wird selten in tropischen Parks und großen Gärten als Zierpflanze verwendet. Name – Strelitzia reginae Family – Strelitziaceae Type – perennial. Common names: Natal Wild Banana, Coastal Strelitzia, White bird of paradise, Natal wildepiesang, Mock banana. RSA Tree No. When I say Europe wasn't the only game in town, civilization-wise, I'm mainly just trying to acknowledge that, you know, it wasn't, and incidentally I'm trying not to be an asshole who thinks the whole world revolves around me and my particular culture. 99 Here’s how you choose. The base of the flower, which is shaped like a boat or a canoe and looks like the beak of a crane bird, is the bract, or modified leaf. It is a bold structural plant, which forms large evergreen clumps of stiff leaves growing up from the base. This is known as the giant bird of paradise because it can grow into a tree with multiple stems. It's up for a re-pot in the spring, which I'm a little worried about as I'll have to break the pot to remove it.Here in Oxford they have a very large S.nicolia which I caught in flower last year - no beauty, but a sight to behold nonetheless! With optimal care, these plants can grow up to the height of two metres and bloom for years. Quite the contrary, actually. Strelitzia juncea. When young, the leaves of S. juncea look like the broad ‘paddles’ of S. reginae but, as it matures, the leaves shrink until the stems look rush-like and quite striking. All plants are grown by propagating divisions from large excavated clumps. It’s also a much smaller plant, growing only to about 1.5m, and it’s slower growing, taking about three years to flower.The flowers are similar in colour to S. reginae, but a bit smaller. You can even grow them in pots. Her passion for gardening began in her mother’s huge vegetable patch and orchard in the country and now extends to the challenge of city plots, where the constraints are countered by the delights. If your garden is small, or you have just a courtyard, but long for a tropical theme, this is perfect. 5 Heliconia was apparently more memorable: he says they used to kind of suck, because rain or dew or whatever would collect overnight in the flowers, and then when you cut the stems the water would fall all over. Plants do well in full sun to semi-shade. (left) Leaves of normal Strelitzia reginae. Anonymous:I don't know anything specific about repotting Strelitzias; generally it's best to wait until late spring or summer to repot anything, but if the plant urgently needs it right now, you could probably do it now. Other civilizations stuck around for a long time and had various cool things going on in them. There are five Strelitzia species, but only two are commonly grown as indoor plants: Strelitzia reginae (the orange bird of paradise) and Strelitzia nicolai (the white bird of paradise). Charlotte/Alexandra was the daughter of Frederick William III of Prussia and Louise of Mecklenberg-Strelitz. De Strelitzia houdt van een lichte standplaats. There's nothing particularly hard-to-please about the Strelitzia clan. Well what do you do w/ one that is too big?The room I have it in is about 16' tall & it is not that tall but it is arching over too much.Nic is in front of an East 12' window. Still, Nic seems happy. They include Strelitzia Reginae, Strelitzia Juncea and Strelitzia Nicolai. You really, really tolerate me! Everybody wins. The deadhead 'bird' flowers put on a great show in the fire by twisting and turning, opening their 'beaks' looking like crazy disembodied phoenix heads. A bonus is that the leaves won’t fall into your pool water. Bird of paradise - The Strelitzia Reginae. LOCATION: Plant in a full sun to partly shaded position in the garden. Strelitzia is a genus of 5 species of perennial plants, native to South Africa. The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower/plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise. Thanks so much! But had Strelitzia reginae not been on that boat to England in 1773, there's a good chance I wouldn't be writing about it now. Random plant event: Dahlia 'Munchen' flower, Unfinished business: Vinca, Murraya, shoplifter, Exotic (tropical plants, especially aroids -- often has very detailed information), International Cordyline Society (Cordyline fruticosa varieties and care -- primarily outdoor), Interflora Top 50 Flower and Garden Blogs, List: Houseplants You’ll Want to Be Growing During the Zombie Apocalypse of 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae. 6 Just FYI: I figured all this out after naming and saving the pictures, so those pictures in this post which are mine all have file names referring to reginae even though they are, I think, actually all nicolai. Of course, we call them "birds" as saying "Strelitzia Nicolai" is just asking too much. It’s also a much smaller plant, growing only to about 1.5m, and it’s slower growing, taking about three years to flower.The flowers are similar in colour to S. reginae, but a bit smaller. When young, the leaves of S. juncea look like the broad ‘paddles’ of S. reginae but, as it matures, the leaves shrink until the stems look rush-like and quite striking. This looks stunning as a feature plant in a structural landscape, such as part of a rockery, or by a swimming pool where, if you have the space, you can plant a mass of them so they line the length of the pool closest to your boundary. My friend had to prune the giant out of control Strelitzia in his new front yard. Family Strelitziaceae . Seriously. But I digress.34 Ummkay. Esta planta es muy facil de confundirla con su hermana y casi siempre estan buscando esta y no la otra! Looking like one of the many fabulous birds of tropical Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the flamboyant flowers of the bird of paradise (Strelitzia spp, also called crane flowers) come in a shock of orange, yellow, blue and red against the from the tall, dense, grey-green or blue-green leaves. your blog, gosh darn it!!! It has the usual dense, clumping habit, with upright leaf stems that support deep green, to grey-green, broad, tropical looking leaves. Louise's aunt was Queen Charlotte of England. They love humid and hot climates and can grow up to 30 inches in height if left in the wilderness. Strelitzia reginae is an easy plant to grow in the garden. Very funny. Height – 3 to 6 ½ feet (1 to 2 meters) Exposure – … The large Leaves are in 2 opposite vertical rows and are sheathing at the base. Do I just whack off the oldest ones? Jenny Dillon is the garden editor of Better Homes and Gardens. slur of your choice], how the Language Police are taking their right to free speech away in the name of Political Correctness, and it's so hard to be [some combination of: white, male, straight, wealthy] these days. -Both Strelitzia reginae pictures taken from the Wikipedia article on Strelitzia reginae. A Floridata plant profile of species Strelitzia nicolai, commonly called bird-of-paradise tree, giant bird-of-paradise If it's a really huge plant, you may want to put down newspaper on the kitchen floor and enlist the help of another person.I've never had anything terribly exciting happen after repotting S. nicolai, but we did lose a few S. reginaes at the ex-job from overpotting them (repotting into too large of a container). Get your mag delivered!-Save 29% off the cover price! This additional light may also increase the growth of Strelitzia, so fertilizing a couple times a year in recommended doses would be well-advised for a Bird of Paradise in such an environment. Nevertheless, it makes some kind of intuitive sense to me to call them King and Queen, if for no other reason than because they are capable of getting so huge, so imposing, even while still relatively young plants. So the relationship between Charlotte and Nicholas is, Charlotte was the aunt of Nicholas's mother-in-law. VERY, VERY TROPICAL!". The leaves are grey-green up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long and arranged like a fan at the top of the stems. I love my Nic Bird and was looking for some insightful online tips to help me take care of it. (middle) A narrower-leaved version, folded in a bit due to the dry climate. You can also grow it in a pot in your home or office where it will add a dramatic, sculptural element to your interiors. It’s tall banana-like leaves flutter in the breeze and create a true tropical effect. 🌴 The Giant White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) seeds I planted are growing okay. (right, or below) Close-up of Strelitzia reginae leaf.. Strelitzia nicolai leaves. De Strelitzia is een tot de verbeeldig sprekende plant, sierlijk grijsgroenblad en stevige stelen waarop de unieke bloemkoppen staan. The stems grow up to 2m, and the leaves are about 20cm long and 15cm wide. PATSP is a long-winded, intermittently humorous blog which is mostly about houseplants, particularly Anthuriums and Schlumbergeras. Also there was something about a chamberpot and funny-colored urine, which is less obvious. I don't feel like I've phrased this especially well, but I'll let it stand anyway. The grey-green banana-like leaves grow about 3 ½ to 4 feet in height and the flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks. You tolerate me! Strelitzia reginae (Paradijsvogelbloem) De Strelitzia reginae wordt ook wel Paradijsvogelbloem of Vogelkopbloem genoemd. Other common names white bird of paradise . The Strelitziaceae family is host to the Strelitzia reginae, which is a well-known South African plant that is identifiable for its striking colours and unique shape. You can have a bird of paradise whatever your garden situation. The entire flower can be up to 7.2 inches (18 cm) tall, up to 18 inches (45 cm) long and is typically held just above t… It … Strelitzia / s t r ɛ ˈ l ɪ t s i ə / is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa.It belongs to the plant family Strelitziaceae. Which really muddies more up than it clarifies: they weren't particularly related to one another, were they? 1 Not that there's anything all that special about European civilization, not exactly. Plant in rich, acidic, free-draining soil, water when required and give it slow-release fertiliser in spring and summer. -Strelitzia nicolai in the laundry room picture used by permission of an anonymous Garden Web photo donor. There are five main species and varieties, although only Strelitzia Reginae and Strelitzia Nicolai are treated as houseplants. I've been replacing my bananas with "birds" because I think they are much nicer looking. Watch the video below for a selection of indoor plants that are impossible to kill.Â. haha the eyes on the queen.the orange color makes the flower looks more alive. I do not know. Now I can chill. (Lest you think I'm some kind of hostage to political correctness for feeling the need to make that clear -- you know, so much of so-called political correctness is just about trying not to be an asshole. Strelitzia juncea leaves (mature on left, immature on right). What is the point of demanding the right to say words that are hurtful to complete strangers? China Strelitzia, China Strelitzia Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Strelitzia Products at strelitzia reginae seeds,seed strelitzia,strelitzia reginae from China Thanks for the great post! I worked in a plant shop in Ohio for a while, and we found that the Reginae usually flowered when brought from the green house to the lower light in the shop. Genus Strelitzia are evergreen perennials, forming a clump of long-stalked, linear to broadly oblong leaves, with stiff stems bearing beak-like bracts from which strikingly coloured flowers open in succession Description. As southerner, I can tell you we plant mostly Strelitzia Nicolai, mostly because they are big. Feed it fortnightly in spring and summer with liquid plant food, and water regularly. The mental decline is dramatized in the movie The Madness of King George: I saw it a long, long time ago in a mostly-empty arthouse theater in Houston, TX, with my best friend and his then-girlfriend, and I think I liked it but I really, frankly, don't remember anything about it beyond the obvious: there was a king named George, and he went mad. This bird of paradise flower has blue petals and orange sepals (which are the ones that protect the inner flower). Once the flower heads die, I find it is best to grab the petiole as low to the ground as … Why would you want to? Prefers a light to medium well-drained soil in a protected partially shaded position, drought and frost tender. nicolai. Fill the pot with quality potting mix and place it in a well-lit spot. We get them pretty harsh here. The flower bract is dark blue and the petals and sepals are white, often with tinges of paler blue or deep pink. / "we-are-not-amused" sense. Strelitzia reginae is also known as the bird of paradise (resembling the colours and shape of an exotic bird), the crane flower or the orange strelitzia. Costa Farms White Bird of Paradise Strelitzia nicolai, Indoor Plant in Décor Planter, 28-Inches Tall, Fresh from Our Farm 4.3 out of 5 stars 593 $55.99 $ 55 . I'm dreading the re-potting. Strelitzia is a superb plant that comes from the tropics, boasting simply magnificent flowers and nicely dense leafage. In fact, I'm pretty sure we disagreed about a lot of stuff, which was additional incentive not to discuss anything that didn't relate pretty directly to plants. It produces its stunning flowers most of the year – but especially so in winter - when conditions are perfect, which are a warm climate, a sunny spot with protection from midday sun, no frost, a rich, acidic, free-draining soil and plenty of water, although it is very hardy and can survive extended dry periods. Was repotted 2ish years ago. Success rate is about 95%, and most plants flower within 9 months. How do you benefit? Just because you have a plant to offer doesn't mean they have a spot for it. Strelitzia reginae, called bird of paradise, is probably one of the most well-known plants in the world. Maybe Nicholas already had the bath towels monogrammed for someone else or something. Summary of Strelitzia facts. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant and is considered as Queen of the houseplant world, although only Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia Reginae are treated as houseplants. So, I'm not going after "queen" in the "off with their heads!" I am completely mystified by the people who rant and rave about how unfair it is that they can't say the word [fill in misogynist, racist, homophobic, or etc. It’s really hardy and tolerates hot summers and very mild frosts. (and one of the other reason I post this is just to practice my english about the green things..), PATSP is a long-winded, intermittently humorous blog which is mostly about houseplants, particularly. And as far as it goes, we disagreed about a fair amount of stuff directly relating to plants, too. Would like to know when and how is best to do this... more tips? Plant in rich, acidic, free-draining soil, water when required and give it slow release fertiliser in spring and summer. Whereas they like a little Sun light too.Potted plants also prefer a long container than a large one, due to the kind of root they've got particularly the young ones.And you're right about the fact that all the Strelitzia species like the same growing conditions, expect the lowest temperatures they can andle may be a little different...For the blooming tips, it coold be good to put them in a place with a temperature from 5 to 10°C (sorry for the celcius, i'm not used to Farenheit...); indeed South Africa can be kind of frosty at winter..!Key of keeping those type of plants in low temperature is to not watering them a lot, keep it dry.My dear boss used to said "to grow a plant you don't really know, just imagine it in the wild"; South Africa = frosty dry winter and warm wet summer (opposite of France).If you've got some time to spend, visit they're website , you might like it.Have pleasure growing your green babies! mzimvubuensis is its rarer relative, discovered only about a decade ago in the Transkei. In very high light, Strelitzia will become a vigourous drinker, so attention must be paid to make sure that it is well-watered on a regular basis. Whatever room you put a Strelitzia in, S. nicolai in particular, the room is going to kind of belong to them. The inflorescence is composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals, and a bluish-purple "tongue". Maybe everything is not about you. I know it's a tropical breed, but I've had it a year now and it hasn't complained about being Canadian. Strelitzia Reginae: Strelitzia Reginae is highly recognised for its bright coloured cut-flowers that last for around four weeks. These are not plants that are going to blend into the wall, off in a corner somewhere: these are plants that you bring inside to make a Statement, the Statement in question usually being a very high-volume "THIS IS A TROPICAL ROOM! Thanks for the blog _ I was getting a little paranoid that mine which I grew from seed five years ago had still not flowered!

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