Type: Open Back. The underemphasized treble of the HD 660 S may be preferable if you find sounds in the higher frequencies particularly piercing or painful, but, for most people, the HD 600 sound better-balanced overall. Sennheiser HD 600 vs Sennheiser HD 660S Sennheiser HD 600 vs Sennheiser HD 4.30 Disclaimer: The data and facts on this website are provided … The Sennheiser HD 598 are slightly better headphones than the Sennheiser HD 600, mostly due to comfort. Years of knowledge in audio engineering and innovations in acoustic amplification, resulted in the creation of the HDVA 600. On the other hand, they don’t feel as well-built as the HD 600. What is the difference between V-Moda Crossfade M-100 and Sennheiser HD 600? That brought me back to the HD 600’s and also back to the day the light came on! If you want an open design, then go for the Sennheiser HD 600. The overall level of the leakage is quite loud too. Summed Nearfield Frequency Response measurement of the Sennheiser HD 600 As you can see from the graph, these headphones are extremely linear. Prior to the HD650, Sennheiser first developed the HD 580 in 1993. Approximate number of dealers: 550.Manufacturer: Sennheiser Electronic KG, W-3002 Wedemark, Postfach 10 02 64, Germany. If you only care about sound, the Stax SR-L300 are better headphones than the Sennheiser HD 600 for music without low-bass. The Sennheiser HD 600 do not have a microphone so the noise handling has not been tested. If you don’t find them too tight, you’ll enjoy a slightly better sound with less bass roll-off, which adds a bit of punch to the HD 58X. They deliver a good sound and a decently comfortable design but have poor isolation and a bulky, cumbersome build. The bigger the deviation the stronger the effect. They cover the entire ear but do not… The HD 600 is an audiophile-grade open dynamic hi-fi/professional stereo headphone. While the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are very similar to the Sennheiser HD 600, they are slightly better critical listening headphones. These are made of plastic material and nearly comfortable and durable. The HiFiMan have a more natural soundstage and are much more comfortable, but there have been reports of quality control issues from the brand. However, their treble delivery could vary noticeably across users and re-seats, depending on the different ear shapes and positioning preferences. These headphones do not have a microphone so the recording quality has not been tested. Not designed for commuting. They have a well-balanced sound that represents instruments and vocals accurately but maybe slightly lacking in bass for some and too bright on some tracks for others. In the bass range, where the rumble of airplane and bus engines sit, they achieve no isolation. The HD 600 is an audiophile-grade open dynamic hi-fi/professional stereo headphone. The HD 600 are sturdier and will be more versatile due to their 1/4” TRS connection. However, long has been the way to perfection. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. These headphones do not come with a control scheme or an audio cable that has an in-line remote. Features. The Sony have a better more durable build quality and than the HD 600. Also, They're not portable and do not have a control scheme for mobile devices. Simply put the tight fit of the headphones will be more noticeable over time than the gradual rise in temperature. The Sennheiser HD 600 have a simple 1/8" TRS audio cable with no in-line remote/microphone, so they will only provide audio when connected to your PS4, Xbox One or PC. Not made for office use. The Sennheiser HD 600 do not have a dock. The Sennheiser HD600 have a correct soundstage and detail retrieval is one of the best I have heard from a sub-300€ pair of headphones when well-amped. Sennheiser HD 600 headphones: Open-air dynamic diffuse-field-compensated circumaural headphones. You won’t need an amp and energizer to drive these as you would need with the Stax. From a technical point of view, Sennheiser made no changes to the HD 600 model from 2019, so it is identical to its predecessor. THD: <0.1%. This will be noticeable, but subtle. Below-average for gaming. Unfortunately, it's far too large and cumbersome for regular use. Frequency response (Headphones) 12 - 40500 Hz Contact pressure. They're also quite comfortable but a little tight on larger heads. Headphone caliper pressure: approximately 2.5N. They're suitable for commuting and the office since they do not leak as much as the Sennheiser  and block more noise. The HD 600 is a fantastic addition to a hi-fi stack or dedicated listening room, and is a favorite among mastering engineers worldwide. Sennheiser HD 650 vs HD 600 – Pros and Cons. The Audeze have a much sleeker and more premium-looking design, are more comfortable, and have a slightly better-balanced sound profile that's much more consistent among different users. Tel: (203) 434-9190. The advanced diaphragm design eliminates standing waves in the diaphragm material. Sensitivity at 1kHz: 97dB. The Sennheiser HD600 are comfortable but a little tight. They're decently comfortable, they have a good sound and a low latency wired connection. A powerful neodymium ferrous magnet is optimized to control the motion of the diaphragm, which provides deeper bass without the … Sensitivity at 1kHz: 97dB. Frequency response (Headphones) 12 - 40500 Hz Contact pressure. The leakage of the HD 600 is poor. The higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble. The HD 600 also have a slightly better build quality which should last you a bit longer than the HD 598s. The Sennheiser HD 600 are better critical listening headphones if you want a wider soundstage and do not care about leakage. If you want a good-sounding wireless headset, then consider the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless. However, if you listen to your music at work, or in noise-sensitive environments, then the Sony MDR-7520 will be a better choice. Material: Metal grilles, carbon fiber, velour ear pads, plastic. Sennheiser Hd 599 is cheaper than Sennheiser Hd 598. If you need a headset with a dock that also has a wired connection for gaming or watching movies, then consider the SteelSeries Arctis 7. However, they deliver a tight, stable fit that will remain in place during casual listening sessions and even during mild physical activities. Audiophile-quality professional stereo headphones, the Sennheiser HD 600 utilizes two-layer diaphragm technology to radically reduce surface born resonance. On the other hand, the HD 600 offer a better value for your money for about the same sound quality. The wired connection has negligible latency which is suitable for gaming and home-theater use. so that you can compare the results easily. Still, I would not call them laid-back sounding. On the other hand, the HD 600 have a more open sound that most critical listeners will prefer. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision, We buy our own products to test. Their sound profiles are very similar - they both have a very balanced sound, although some people get a bit more bass with the Philips. The Sennheiser HD 660 and the Philips SHP9500 are both great audiophile headphones if you like a neutral sound. The HD 598 have a better over-ear fit that does not clamp your head and feels very comfortable. Delivering authentic sound in its purest form, listeners are treated to a world of sheer listening pleasure. However, they are very flimsy and feel cheaply made. The Sennheiser HD600 have an open back design that allows a fair amount of air to flow through the ear cups. Sennheiser HD 600 Sennheiser HD 650; Style: Headband: Headband: Fit: Over-Ear: Over-Ear: Enclosure: Open-Back: Open-Back: Wireless: NO: NO: Noise Cancelling: NO: NO: Sound Output: Stereo: Stereo: Frequency Response: 12 – 40500 Hz: 10 – 41000 Hz: Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB: 103 dB: Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1 %: 0.05 %: Impedance: 300 Ohms: 300 Ohms: Driver Magnet: … en. Construction-wise, the HD-600 is a little delicate. Good for neutral listening. They are best used at home and in isolation and will not be suitable for commuting or sports. They also have a slightly more comfortable fit, although they can be a little tight on the head. Here is a quick glance at the pros and cons of both these products to help you decide which of the two is right for you. The Sennheiser HD 600 have a poor isolation, due to their open-back design. The HD 600 can be connected directly to hi-fi systems of the highest quality, in particular DAT, DVD, MD and CD players. Update: 08/12/2019 After comparing these headphones with other models, we found them to be very tight and reduced their score accordingly. Also, they do not have the convenience of wireless design or multiple connection options for an optimized experience on Xbox One or PS4. The presentation is very engaging and somehow frontal as well as open. 3. has passive noise reduction. They are not ideal for the gym due to their bulky design, but they offer a tight enough fit to be stable in most situations. You can see what products we currently have for sale. They also have a better bass range, and since they are closed-back, they isolate a bit more in noisy environments. Instruments and vocals are clear and crisp, and the open design gives these headphones a spacious soundstage. I verified their linearity was equally excellent at various listening levels. The Sennheiser HD 600 and the AKG K702 are both open-back, over-ear headphones that are similarly suited for critical listening. We purchase our own headphones and Overall, they're one of the best headphones for music and a great choice if you love to listen to more instruments and vocal heavy genres. They have a two-tone, dark gray and black color scheme with a glossy coating. Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW. Below an aid to help determining the sound character of headphones with relation to the frequency response. The open ear cups feel dense enough, to not crack or get damaged by a few falls. The transmission ranges from 12 Hz to 40.5 kHz (manufacturer’s specification), which puts these headphones in a great position. Their audio fidelity is better and more accurate. Their sound profiles are fairly similar, but the HD 599 are noticeably more comfortable and don’t feel as tight as the HD 600. Specifications: Driver:Dynamic Frequency Response: 12Hz-40,500Hz There is not a deep notch present around the 10KHz area either. Additionally, the L/R drivers of our test unit were very well-matched. The Sennheiser HD 560S is an open over-ear headphone. However, their treble delivery could vary noticeably across users and re-seats, depending on the different ear shapes and positioning preferences. The specifications show a sensitivity of 97dB/mW, a frequency response of 16Hz to 30kHz (-3dB points), and distortion below 0.1 percent. Fax: (203) 434-1759. Bass is a little lacking, but they will accurately reproduce the detail in high-res audio, especially plugged into an amp. The mid-range is great. They're not made to be carried around often, and they do not come with a case to easily store them in your bag, which makes them less portable. Sennheiser Hd 598 color is black, and Sennheiser Hd 599 color is brown. Just don't plan on bringing it on too many bumpy trips. Type: Open Back. These headphones are wired and do not have a Bluetooth connection. Turning it down helps a lot. The frequency response consistency of the HD 600 is good. Sennheiser's flagship open-backed model has been compensated to make them sound more like speakers. If none of this is convincing enough, then Sennheiser HD 600 is a great value for your money. The GD graph also shows that the entire group delay response is below the audibility threshold. | check eBay! If you prefer a closed-back design for your critical listening, then the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x will be the better option. The HD 600 is a fantastic addition to a hi-fi stack or dedicated listening room, and is a favorite among mastering engineers worldwide. The open-back ear cups do not block any ambient noise and leak a lot. The Sennheiser HD650 have the same design as the HD 600 with a few minor differences. They have large ear cups that easily fit around most listeners' ears. 3. has passive noise reduction. The detachable cord, unfortunately, will not disconnect before yanking the headphones of your head if hooked on something. Sound. Below an aid to help determining the sound character of headphones with relation to the frequency response. First up is the most popular pad in the line-up. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO are better critical listening headphones than the Sennheiser HD 600. They are also quite cheaper and will offer better overall value. US distributor: Sennheiser USA, 6 Vista Dr., P.O. You will see from the image below there is a fairly equal lifting of the frequency range from the bottom to about 2,000 cycles. The HD600 Fenestrated Sheepskin. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. Diffuse field target for Sennheiser HD 600 I’ve been playing around with the EQ settings for the Sennheiser HD 600 for some time now, and to me the added bass in the Harman target sounds terrible. The PRTF graph shows little interaction and with the pinna and therefore, doesn't activate its resonances much. The frequency response consistency of the HD 600 is good. Search. Overall, the treble of the HD 600 is quite well-balanced and neutral. They have pretty much the same sound quality, although the HD 650 does have slightly better bass and less treble. 12Hz vs 15Hz; 11000Hz higher high-frequency? Color: Speckled blue finish, black. They also have a more accurate representation of the mid-range. The Sennheiser HD 600 have an average-at-best soundstage. They also have a well-balanced sound that has an excellent mid-range and detailed instruments and vocals but lack a little low-end bass, which might not be ideal for everyone. The AKG K240STUDIO is one of the highest-rated affordable headphones on this list. Unfortunately, the headband exerts a little too much pressure on the head compared to the HD 650 and HD 598, which can get uncomfortable during long listening sessions. 3Hz lower low-frequency? With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage averages at 63dB SPL and peaks at 78dB SPL, which is a lot louder than the noise floor of an average office. HD Sennheiser 599 has a much powerful bass than Sennheiser Hd 598. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The HD 600 Avantgarde are audiophile-quality, open dynamic hi-fi/professional stereo headphones. One that was relatively affordable and solidly built. They feel a lot more durable than the Sennheiser and have a slightly better sound that packs more bass. The Sennheiser HD 600 are critical listening headphones, not intended for other use cases except maybe home theater. The Sennheiser HD600 deliver a good, well-balanced frequency response. Low-bass, responsible for the thump and rumble common to bass-heavy genres, is lacking by about 6dB. The Sennheiser HD 600 and the HiFiMan Sundara are both impressive audiophile headphones, though they have slightly different sound profiles. Low-treble and mid-treble are flat and consistent, but low-treble is slightly overemphasized which could bring a bit excess intensity and projection to vocals and instruments. Frequency response: 12Hz – 39000 kHz. 6. Headphone caliper pressure: approximately 2.5N.Weight: 9.3 oz (260gm) without cable.Serial number of unit reviewed: None found.Price: $449.95. Also, the metal frame that links the ear cups to the headband is connected by a thin joint that looks weak and feels susceptible to breaking under moderate physical stress. The Sennheiser sound a bit more bass-light in comparison, and they put more emphasis on vocals and instruments. The imaging performance of the HD 600 is great. HD 600 - Best Audio Headphones High-end E.A.R. Sennheiser HD 600 headphones: Open-air dynamic diffuse-field-compensated circumaural headphones. 2 pin connectors for HD600 and 650. The fundamental feature is their very smooth frequency response, with no pronounced nonlinearities, a slightly pronounced area that gives a tone warmth from 30 Hz to 500 Hz, and a slightly muted high-frequency range. On the other hand, the Sennheiser are much more stable-feeling on the head. Some may find the HD 600 sound a bit more neutral. High-bass, however, is overemphasized by almost 2dB, adding a bit of muddiness to the overall sound. The response throughout the range is very even and flat, but over out neutral target by about 2dB. Sennheiser HD 6XX. They also sound significantly more open than the HD 600. They're big, bulky and cumbersome and may require an amp which makes them not suitable for sports. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. They also do not isolate by design so they won't be a good option to use outdoors. No, the HD-600 is not poorly constructed. See also our recommendations for the best headphones for recording and the best over-ear headphones. smartphones laptops tablets News. Categories. While the Sennheiser have slightly less low-bass than the AKG, they have a better-balanced treble range and are more stable on the head. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. The Beyerdynamic offer a better value thanks to their excellent build quality and great audio reproduction. Below average for mixed usage. They also have a slightly more elevated high bass which some may like since it adds a bit more punchiness than the HD 600, and they come with an additional cable in the box. The Sennheiser HD 600 are good critical listening headphones not meant for other use cases. All 3 headphones have cables connecting into each ear cup, but the Sundara’s is a 3.5mm vs. the 2 pin connectors on the HD 600 and 650. Also, since they have a closed-back design, they're a bit more versatile to use outdoors. Sennheiser HD 560S. However, the headband feels fragile. At the same time, the AKG are more comfortable and have a wider soundstage that's perceived as coming from in front rather than from inside the listener's head. On the other hand, the HD 600 are more balanced and will not sound boomy on some tracks like the HD 598. These headphones do not have any active components and do not require a battery. Their build quality also feels somewhat cheap for their price range, especially when compared to some of the headphones below. The higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble. The bass of the Sennheiser HD 600 is good. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. They have a cool blue patterned finish that makes them stand out from the other models in the Sennheiser HD series. put them under the same test bench, Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless Review, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Review, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? However, the Sennheiser have a slightly better representation of instruments and vocals in the mid-range and do not sound as sharp as the Beyerdynamic on bright tracks. Both have Replaceable cables. Rather the headphone is designed for home use and is meant to be light and comfortable (and comfortable it is). Compared to the HD 650, they have a nearly identical isolation performance. They also have a slightly more spacious soundstage than the Beyerdynamic and come with detachable cables. The advanced diaphragm design eliminates standing waves resulting in a clean sound free of artifacts and acoustical disturbances. They're also more comfortable for long listening sessions thanks to their spacious ear cups, but they don't feel as well-made as the Sennheiser. Nominal impedance: 300 ohms. They're decently comfortable and have an above-average build quality. Sound can be perfected with Sennheiser’s HDVA 600. Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones ranking. There is a pretty big distinction in their impedance, as AKG K701 has only 62 Ohm, whilst Sennheiser HD600 has 300 Ohm. Their frequency response is not that different since the product of AKG works in a range between 10 Hz and 40 kHz and the device made by Sennheiser produces the sound in a range of 12 Hz - 40 kHz. This means the leakage will be fuller sounding compared to that of closed-back headphones and in-ears. Impedance: 300 Ohms. The box they come in can be used as a substitute for a case. These headphones have large open ear cups with a suede-like finish on the padding that gives them a premium appeal. My first kiss, the HD 600 is my go to palate cleanser when I want to truly taste the music as intended to be tasted. Frequency response: 16Hz-30kHz, ±1dB. Transducer: dynamic diaphragm. Sennheiser HD 600. On the other hand, the Sennheiser  have a more spacious-sounding audio reproduction. In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, they also achieve no isolation. The Sennheiser HD 600 and Sennheiser HD 599 are very similar headphones in performance, and the HD 599 might offer better overall value. Fit: Circumaural (Over-Ear). These headphones do not come with a case or pouch. The HiFiMan produce more thump and rumble while slightly reducing the intensity of vocals and instruments. The Sennheiser HD 600 have a very good treble performance. The Sennheiser HD 600 are big and bulky headphones that do not fold into a more compact design for transport. Due to their open-back and ear pad design, these headphones have a very consistent bass delivery across multiple users and re-seats. Sample 3 (w/ fresh pads) Sample 2 (w/ worn-ish pads) Sample 1 (w/ worn pads) Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and … 6.0 N ± … Web: www.sennheiserusa.com, Koss PRO-4, PRO-4A and Pro/4 AAA Plus headphones, Shure Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Communication Cable, Shure KSE1200SYS electrostatic in-ear headphone system, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Sealed Headphones with Haptic Bass Drivers, HiFiMAN Sundara Around-Ear Open Planar Magnetic Headphones, PSB M4U 8 Over-Ear Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, Audeze LCD2 Classic Open Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones, Advanced Alpha Over-Ear Open Planar Magnetic Headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Affordable Over-Ear Sealed Headphones, Sennheiser HD 660 S Over-Ear Open Headphones, Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature loudspeaker, Analog Corner #304: SAT XD1 record player, Analog Corner #293: VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition turntable & FatBoy tonearm, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. The Sennheiser HD 650 are slightly better headphones than the Sennheiser HD 600, although not by much. Weighted group delay is at 0.18, which is excellent. Due to their open-back and ear pad design, these headphones have a very consistent bass delivery across multiple users and re-seats. 6.0 N ± … The Sennheiser HD 600 look very similar to HD 650 with a few differences in the headband design. Deviations in different severities at different frequency bands have an effect on the sound character. Sennheiser HD600 produces a good, well-balanced frequency response. Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018, G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, LEARN ABOUT FREQUENCY RESPONSE CONSISTENCY, Be the first to start a discussion about Sennheiser HD 600. technology Surround sound - circumaural Headphones - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions - sennheiser.com. However, it's very hard to tell by listening alone. Box 987, Old Lyme, CT 06371. The biggest difference between the two models is that the HD 650 are a bit more comfortable, so you can wear them for longer than the HD 600. They're well padded and covered in a suede-like material that adds to their comfort level. 3.5mm (or 2.5mm, can’t remember) on the Sundara. That and the soft suede-like padding means you can have them on for extended critical listening sessions and not feel a big temperature difference after hours of continuous play. The large open ear cups have a suede-like finish on the padding that gives these headphones a premium appeal. The Sennheiser HD600 have an average build quality. The advanced diaphragm design eliminates standing waves resulting in a clean sound free of artifacts and acoustical disturbances. These headphones are not designed for sports. Weight: 9.3 oz (260gm) without cable. Cable Length: 3m (9.84 ft.) Weight: 9.17 Oz. HD 600 - Best Audio Headphones High-end E.A.R. These headphones do not come with an app or software for added customization options. Nominal impedance: 300 ohms. In the treble range, occupied by sharp S and Ts, they isolate by about 13dB, which is below-average. The Audeze LCD-1 are slightly better open-back headphones for neutral sound listening than the Sennheiser HD 600. This means that although these are open-back headphones and may feel more open and spacious sounding than closed-back headphones, their soundstage won't be perceived to be large or located outside of the listener's head. This is important for the accurate localization and placement of objects (voices, instruments, video game effects) in the stereo image. Sennheiser HD 600. Why is Sennheiser HD 600 better than Audio-Technica ATH-M50x? Their bass and mid-range responses are nearly identical, but the HD 600 have a brighter and more present treble, while the HD 660 S are rather dull. The Sennheiser HD 600 are good-sounding, open-back headphones for critical listening but lack a few features for everyday, casual use. Sennheiser HD600 Sennheiser ‘s former flagship, the HD600 (sent in by Nicola for measurements), is an excellent headphone today and worth owning. Price: Check Amazon! Frequency response (-10db): 12 – 38,000 Hz (HD600), 10 – 39,500 Hz (HD650) Impedance: 300 ohms (same for both) Sensitivity/"Loudness" (Sennheiser also calls this "Sound pressure level at 1 kHz"): 97 dB (HD600), 103 dB (HD650) These have Two years of warranty. Sennheiser HD600. The significant portion of their leakage is spread between 400Hz and 20KHz, which is a very broad range. This ensures a tight bass and a transparent treble reproduction. However, they do not have a microphone for voice chat when gaming, and no customization options which are typical for most gaming headsets. Frequency response: 16Hz-30kHz, ±1dB. Speaking of frequency response, Sennheiser HD 600 works in a range of 12 Hz - 40 kHz which is incredibly wide compared to the range of MEZE 99 Classics — 15 Hz - 25 kHz. THD: <0.1%. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 57Hz, which is decent. The leakage of the HD 600 is nearly identical to that of HD 650. The Audio-Technica have a deeper bass that some will prefer. Transducer: dynamic diaphragm. The Sennheiser HD 600 and the Sennheiser HD 660 S are similar headphones overall, but the HD 600 are a better choice for audiophiles who prefer a more neutral sound profile. Unless you work in an isolated environment, the leakage will distract your colleagues. This results in a clear and well-balanced reproduction of vocals and lead instruments, but bring a big of excess prominence to their mid-range. Mid-bass, responsible for the body of bass guitars and punch of kick drums is within 1dB of our neutral target.

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